Youth anthem to keep communities safe from COVID-19

Two Aboriginal recording artists have collaborated with NSW Health to produce a new song encouraging young Indigenous people to keep themselves and their communities safe from COVID-19.

The track, One Point 5, has been co-written and performed by Darumbal, Murri and Tongan R&B artist Mi-kaisha and Yuin hip hop artist Nooky, and produced by First Nations media, communication and events agency 33 Creative in partnership with the NSW Health Centre for Aboriginal Health to complement the NSW Government’s Keep our Mob Safe campaign.

Listen to the song here

With Aboriginal people at greater risk of serious illness and death from COVID-19, the song is designed to speak to Aboriginal youth about their role in keeping their communities, families and elders safe.

In the song, Mi-kaisha and Nooky encourage the continued practices of social distancing, hand washing and wearing masks in public spaces.”It’s a critical time in the fight against COVID-19,” Nooky said.

 “It’s important for our mob to know that we’ve still got to practice social distancing, good hygiene, washing our hands, things like that, and that’s what this track is about, helping get that message out there.

“I know our mob want to hang out with family but we’ve got to think of other people during this, especially our elders. I know things are tough but we’ll get through it together.”

Pictured: Aboriginal recording artists Mi-kaisha and Nooky (front), pictured with video clip dancers Maddie Paluch and Chandler Connell, collaborated to write the song, ‘One Point 5’, encouraging young people to keep their communities safe from COVID-19. Photo by Jake Keane.