Group Programs

The Gugan Gulwan Young Men’s Mentoring Group is a tailored targeted program for young men aged 8 – 12 years. The delivery of this program is to service an unmet need for support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young men in the ACT region.  

As Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young men transition into adolescence they often face additional challenges. Young Men’s Mentoring Group provides strategies and support to help the young men identify and address issues within their own self-identity, family and community.

The Gugan Gulwan Young Women’s Group (YWG) is a tailored program to meet the needs of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in the ACT region.

The program is holistic in design and provides opportunities for the young women to engage in learning life skills, participate in group activities and educational information sessions. Participants in this program develop a deeper understanding of relevant contemporary issues affecting them, the ability to self-advocate and to improve their own personal development/identity in an environment that is safe, free from judgement and culturally sensitive.