The Gugan Gulwan School Holiday Program operates every school holidays at the Centre for young Aboriginal and Torres Islander children in the ACT region. The program has a strong cultural foundation and is inclusive of activities, events and practices to facilitate culturally enriching experiences. The program offers young people an opportunity to socialise and to participate in a variety of recreational activities in a supervised safe environment that otherwise may not be available to them.



The core objectives and outcomes of the Gugan Gulwan School Holiday Program are:

  • Engagement of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children;

  • Opportunity to build healthy social networks;

  • Encourage, promote, participation and attendance at cultural experiences/events;

  • Healthy lifestyles and decision making;

  • Recreation;

  • Social/community inclusion;

  • Self-confidence/self-esteem/resilience;

  • Team work;

  • Family support;

  • Supervised, safe environment

Please note: this program is in high demand and places are limited. There may be a small cost for your child/ren to attend. Priority is given to children and their families who may not have accessed the program previously. For further information please contact Gugan Gulwan.