The Gugan Gulwan Bimberi Arts Therapy Program was established to meet the need of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people currently detained and who may have experienced alcohol and other drug issues and or mental health.  

Art therapy is recognised as a therapeutic method of engaging clients in self-healing, expression, treatment, rehabilitation and addressing any current or previous behaviours of concern. The program has a strong cultural foundation that further enhances the individual’s understanding of self.



The core objectives and outcomes of the Gugan Gulwan Bimberi Arts Therapy Program are:

  • Drug and Alcohol information sessions in an informal, non-threatening environment;

  • Healing through Art;

  • Mental Health information and support;

  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles and decision making;

  • Healthy relationship awareness;

  • Encourage and promote cultural practices and understanding;

  • Referrals and linkages;

  • Self-confidence/self-esteem/resilience;

  • Continuity of care;

  • Family support


The young people have a stronger connection to their culture, community and self.