The Gugan Gulwan Lunch Program is a tailored program that operates daily during centre hours and provides holistic support and continuity for individuals who may have alcohol, tobacco and other drug issues.

The program is a soft entry point for clients who maybe experiencing exclusion due to behaviours of concern. The program is responsive to community needs and is delivered in differing locations/events across the ACT region.



The core objectives and outcomes of the Gugan Gulwan Lunch Program are:

  • Engage and support young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women;

  • Drug and Alcohol information sessions in an informal, non-threatening environment;

  • Provide nutritional information and healthy meals;

  • Promote healthy lifestyles and decision making;

  • Harm minimisation strategies and information;

  • Referral and linkages;

  • Encourage and promote cultural practices and understanding;

  • Social/community inclusion;

  • Provide a culturally sensitive safe space for young people.

The Gugan Gulwan Lunch program operates Monday-Thursday 10am-3pm at the Centre.