To continuously work with clients, their families, community members, organisations and service providers to enhance the well-being of all Aboriginal youth in the ACT and surrounding region, with a strong focus on Aboriginality.



The Corporation’s objectives are to:

(a) Encourage, foster, promote and implement culturally appropriate programs to Aboriginal youth and families within the ACT and Queanbeyan area.

(b) Provide appropriate programs in

(i) Aboriginal awareness

(ii) Aboriginal history

(iii) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture to youth and their families.

(c) Provide increased access for Aboriginal young people and their families to information regarding the use of drugs and alcohol, and treatment options that meet their needs and concerns.

(d) Improve the skills of Aboriginal and mainstream communities in identifying problematic issues, opportunities for early intervention and harm minimisation, and the provision of options for Aboriginal young people and their families.

(e) Promote cultural awareness of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander to the wider non-Indigenous community.

(f) Analyse community training packages to promote youth participation in terms of education and training which in long term goals lead to employment outcomes.

(g) Analyse social justice issues relevant to improving awareness to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.

(h) Incorporate appropriate health and nutrition practices in all Sports and Recreational

(i) Seek an appropriate level of funding to implement all programs.

(j) Operate and maintain a Gift Fund to be known as “The Gugan Gulwan Youth Aboriginal and Corporation Gift Fund”.